Since late 2019, we do not offer Family Tracing Assistance anymore; this page will be updated later.

The Mission of the NGO is to provide assistance in family tracing requests in all de facto intercountry adoption cases from Brazil.

The NGO Brazil Baby Affair specifically addresses all Brazilians worldwide, as well as their original families, who are deprived of their human right to identity and have no access to their origins, in particular in case of the consequence of the systematic practice of false registration of births.

By addressing the victims and their families as well as the general public, awareness about the true status of the original identity of the illegally adopted Brazilians can be achieved. Awareness is much needed in order to gain apprehension and necessary support for the victims.

Awareness about the illegal adoptions will mainly be created through the NGO’s core activities, which are:

Researching, informing and tracing all cases in which Brazilians, mainly as newborns, were deprived of their human right to identity and advocating for their human right to retrieve their identity and access their origins.

Many Brazilian families are unable to search for their adopted family member and many Brazilians abroad are in search of their original families without any basic identity-defining knowledge.

It is the mission of the NGO Brazil Baby Affair to provide outcomes for all de facto intercountry adoption cases that took place in Brazil.