The logo of Brazil Baby Affair was created by Alexandre Beck. Alexandre’s cartoons are regularly published in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s leading liberal voice. His work for the newspaper is part of a column written by Rosely Sayão, a Brazilian psychologist who writes about children and has a weekly contribution for adults.

Alexandre’s creation named Armandinho is a profoundly optimistic character and is greatly moralistic. Armandinho’s sense of humor utilizes a unique aspect of Brazilian culture which confronts adults by holding up a mirror and reflecting back to them the society they exist in. Through this mirror, Armandinho doesn’t leave any confronting issue unexposed.

When Alexandre was asked to contribute to the NGO’s mission, he soon came up with the banner for the website. The banner shows Armandinho with his father. The illustration therefore shows a childhood scene, as it is part of a child’s rights to grow up with his family. In this scene, Armandinho says: ‘Adotar é legal!’

Armandinho’s exclamation means: ‘To adopt is legal!’. This statement covers the origins of the Brazil Baby Affair as the adoptions weren’t legal. If they were legal, the current situation of the Brazil Baby Affair adoptees wouldn’t exist.