• Conférence: Dérives dans l’adoption 2017

    On Saturday 18 November 2017 our founder Patrick Noordoven gave a presentation at the Conférence: Dérives dans l’adoption, hosted by La Voix des Adoptés and Born in Lebanon in Paris, France. His presentation was titled “La recherche des… Read More

  • Adoption Initiative Conference 2016

    On Friday 10 June our founder Patrick Noordoven gave a presentation at the 9th Biennial Adoption Conference “Myth and Reality in Adoption: Transforming Practice Through Lessons Learned” at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey, USA. He contributed… Read More

  • Radio report: Illegally adopted Brazilians search for their roots

    Since the 1970’s, many children from developing countries have been adopted by people from abroad, some of them illegally. In Brazil, foreign adoptions peaked in the 1980s. Those babies are now adults, and many are trying to find… Read More

  • State involvement, intermediaries and financial gain

    Dutch TV report “Achter het Nieuws” 22 February 1982 – Cathia Seeder provides an insight in the illegal adoption procedure and denounces the involvement of the Dutch State in the illegal adoption cases. Seeder later confessed to being… Read More

  • NGO Event – ‘Right to Identity: Worldwide problems – Solutions in Brazil’

    On Tuesday evening 24 March the NGO hosted a free event in São Paulo, Brazil. Read more about the event here.

  • Defending the Rights of the Child

    Dutch TV report “Achter het Nieuws” 22 February 1982 – Human Rights lawyer Lia Junqueira, from the Movement for the Defense for Children, defended the rights of the Brazilian babies who were trafficked for Illegal Intercountry adoption. Including… Read More

  • NGO Event ‘Right to Identity’

    On 10 February, a Swiss lawyer, a Brazilian Human Rights advocate and a Documentary Filmmaker from the US shared their experiences about the Right to Identity. Read more about the event here.

  • Illegal Adoption Procedure

    Dutch TV report “Achter het Nieuws” 22 February 1982 – Scene explains illegal adoption procedure. You can watch the video here.

  • Bilingual website

    We are proud to present our website in Brazilian Portuguese to you!

  • Brazil Baby Affair in the News

    “Child trafficking with help of State” – ‘Dutch civil servants knew about baby smuggling’ and ‘were involved in illegal adoptions’. Read the articles in Dutch in De Telegraaf or in English.

  • Hague Talks

    On 19 September 2014 our founder Patrick Noordoven spoke at the Hague Talks. We are sharing his talk and the video recording of the event.

  • Press Release

    With the public launch of the NGO a press release was sent out on 19 September 2014.

  • Logo

    The logo of Brazil Baby Affair was created by Alexandre Beck. Alexandre’s cartoons are regularly published in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s leading liberal voice.

Family Tracing

Many Brazilian families are unable to search for their adopted family member and many Brazilians abroad are in search of their original families without any basic identity-defining knowledge.

It is the mission of the NGO Brazil Baby Affair to provide outcomes for all intercountry adoption cases that took place in Brazil.

The Current Cases section shows tracing cases in Brazil. By displaying these cases here, the original families are able to see if their “lost” family member is searching for them.



Louisa grew up in Hamburg in a family with 4 siblings; some of them are adopted as well. She started to think about Brazil when she was about 14 years old. When she was in her twenties, Louisa… Read More

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