This section shows relevant papers concerning the Mission and Vision of the NGO. For the purpose of comprehensibility about the NGO’s activities, this section shows a selection of relevant papers in their original language.

Position Paper: Double Subsidiarity Principle and the Right to Identity, Patrick Noordoven, NGO Brazil Baby Affair (May 2016)

Research Paper: Raising Awareness about False Birth Registration Practices, known as the Brazil Baby Affair, Patrick Noordoven, NGO Brazil Baby Affair (May 2016)

The Parallels between International Adoption and Slavery, Peter F. Dodds, Sociology between the Gaps Journal, Providence College (8 September 2015)

The Movement of the Mothers of the Courthouse Square: “Legal Child Trafficking,” Adoption and Poverty in Brazil, Andréa Cardarello, The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthroprology (April 2009)