Since late 2019, we do not offer Family Tracing Assistance anymore; this page will be updated later.

This section is dedicated to one of the NGO’s core activities: family tracing.

Family tracing is about searching in individual cases for the original families of the victims of the deprivation of the human right to identity, mainly, through false birth registration.

Through family tracing activities the NGO delivers access to the human right to identity.

Family tracing in Brazil is equally essential as family tracing outside Brazil. Both the mother and her child are victims of human rights violations in the Brazil Baby Affair. As a consequence, they are unable to search for each other. This is when the NGO steps in to provide international tracing support.

The NGO does not differentiate between the interests of the mother and her child. Therefore, the NGO’s activities in individual tracing cases consist of an objective approach based on equal human rights. It is not up to the NGO to choose sides in case the mother’s or her child’s right could be conflicting with privacy rights.