This section is dedicated to all cases relevant to the NGO. The cases shown here are divided into two; current cases and solved cases. The current cases section only shows tracing cases in Brazil. Tracing cases outside Brazil are not shown since they could potentially and effectively be solved in a relative short period of time, with high accuracy in the first instance, whereas tracing cases in Brazil are very time consuming and highly complex undertakings with low accuracy in the first instance.

The main explanation for the difference between tracing cases in Brazil and outside Brazil lies in the levels of access for the original family to crucial original birth data such as location, date and time.

Brazilian-born victims now holding a foreign nationality, in search of their original families in Brazil, most likely do not have access to any of this crucial information. They therefore will benefit from their current case being displayed on our website. This way, their original families are able to scan the NGO’s current cases to see if their “lost” family member is searching for them.

Current Cases

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Solved Cases

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