The NGO Brazil Baby Affair works with a committed international team of engaged experts under the direction of its Board of Directors and the daily leadership of its Managing Director. The team’s legitimacy and accountability lies primarily with the encouragement and approval of the victims of illegal Intercountry Adoption from Brazil who have received assistance from the NGO.

The team members contribute to the NGO’s activities by sharing their valuable knowledge and experience to advance its mission and vision.

As put forward in the NGO’s charter, the Board of Directors have three seats. The Managing Director holds a permanent seat on the Board of Directors. This position should always be carried out in the best interest of all victims, and should be held by a Brazilian victim of the deprivation of the right to identity as a result of illegal Intercountry Adoption.

The Board of Advisors is consulted for its professional knowledge and expertise in the field of Intercountry Adoption and international human rights. It is envisioned that their advice contributes to achieving adequate resolutions focusing on the Mission and Vision of the NGO Brazil Baby Affair. Such resolutions might include the beneficial exchange of knowledge for common objectives and shared interests in the field of illegal Intercountry Adoption and the human right to identity. In all cases of cooperation, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the leading reference convention.

The NGO could not fulfill its objectives without the commitment of its team members.