NGO ‘Brazil Baby Affair’ discontinued its Family Tracing assistance

Press release

NGO ‘Brazil Baby Affair’ discontinued its Family Tracing assistance, enhancing its Informing activities

Zurich, 20 September 2020 – Since its founding in 2014, NGO Brazil Baby Affair has attended a large variety of requests. Many of these requests were family tracing requests in all sorts of adoption cases.

Since late 2019 the NGO had to discontinue its Family Tracing activities and thereby dedicated its activities solely to Researching, Informing and Advocating. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we continue to enhance the number of information sources available through our website.

Hence, since 2020 NGO Brazil Baby Affair became an information portal focused on sharing information about research and advocacy concerning the right to identity for intercountry adoptees, in particular from Brazil.


Brazil Baby Affair’s Vision:

The vision of the NGO Brazil Baby Affair consists of abolishment of possible reoccurrence of the deprivation of the human right to identity through false birth registration.

To accomplish this vision, the NGO Brazil Baby Affair strives for complete avoidance of any kind of illegal adoption practices through the recognition of the right to a birth certificate to be included in the human right for birth registration. The NGO advocates for the right to a birth certificate to be accompanied by safeguarding measures to ensure the authenticity of the registration.

About Brazil Baby Affair:

Brazil Baby Affair is a Non-Governmental Organization and Non-Profit Organization founded in 2014. The head office of the organization is registered in Zurich, Switzerland. The NGO works with a team of dedicated experts and has partnerships in several countries around the world.

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